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This class is part of the Belgian Doctoral School in Economics, and is therefore open to Phd students that would like to complement their training with an introduction to development research issues and approaches

The objective of the course is to familiarize students with applied microeconomic modelling on current development issues and common econometric techniques used in development economics. A particular emphasis will be put on the particularities of data coming from developing countries (LDC). Students will be introduced to the techniques and the approaches currently in use for active scientific research in development economics so as to fully appreciate the variety and the complementarity of these approaches.

Possible topics are discussed at the beginning of the class, and correpond to up to date current research projects of the professors involved. Among these, let us mention, for instance, the microeconomics of extended families, poverty and microcredit, child labor, political corruption and land ownership, informal risk sharing networks, castes and classes in India, affirmative action policies...

THe class is based on ex cathedra formal classes by three active scientists in (micro-) development research: Guilhem Cassan, Catherine Guirkinger and Jean Marie Baland. As a support, there will be complete power point presentations, that can be compemented by the reading of some of the papers covered by the class.



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