Population, environment & governance

Jean-Marie BALAND

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Population, environment & governance (ECON M821)

Jean-Marie Baland

Level: MA in Economics, Years 1 or 2 (Option: “Development: Poverty and Institutions”)

Pre-requisites: Intermediate undergraduate micro- and macroeconomics. Good knowledge of undergraduate statistics and econometrics. An undergraduate course in introduction to development economics is strongly advised.

Three main topics are covered in this class: population issues (including an introduction to family economics), environmental problems in developing countries (both at the micro and macro levels) and a brief introduction to governance issues.

Regular formal lectures, based on an exhaustive power point presentation that is publicly available. With respect to governance, students are required to produce an essay paper (valued at 6 points out of 20). The theme on governance will be based on the individual reading of the chapter ‘Governance and Development’ from the Handbook of development economics. THe essay should be structured around the themes of why governments fail to implement a particular policy. The analytical framework is based on the following distinction: There are three sources of government failures

–Knowledge (Banerjee Duflo): government do not know what works.
–Capacity (fiscal, bureaucracy,…): government want and know how to do, but do not have the bureaucratic capacity to undertake them.
–Incentives (Acemoglu Robinson): government do not want to implement what works.

You have to either find a good case of policy failure, and indicate the relative importance of these three factors, or base your work on your own experience, or on an existing paper in economics. 


Evaluation: Closed book written exam and a essay paper







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