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Starting time exam

Dear students, The exam of applied econometrics will start at 9.30 this Friday 13/1 and will last 3 hours. One of you informed me that the starting hour was wrongly indicated in her personal calendar. Our apologies for this inconvenience. It should ... Read more »


Dear students, The slides for the last class are now available. Best, Wouter


Dear students, The slides for next class are now online. We will finish panel models and cover the material in these slides. Best, Wouter

Databases for the homework

Dear students, As promised, here are some website on which you can find databases for the homework. I would recommend you to first find a database on a topic you like and to define the research question based on the available data. Datasets for dev... Read more »

New documents

Dear students, The slides of next class (on panel) are now available. As promised, there is also an example of an old homework. (Note however that it was not perfect; we will discuss it on Monday). Best, Wouter


Dear students,   The slides for the next two classes of Applied Econometrics are now available on webcampus.   See you next week, Wouter

Class cancelled

Dear students, The class tomorrow of Applied Econometrics is cancelled. I have gotten sick and will not be able to give the class.   The introduction to Stata will be given as planned. There has been a very last-minute change to the room though: i... Read more »

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